RIHGA Royal Hotels’ Elegant Lounges

This article was originally published in the Winter 2017-2018 issue of The ROYAL.
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Nature and traditional beauty.
Relaxing lounge full of graceful Japanese designs.

The “Shiun” (purple clouds) chandeliers hung from the ceiling of the atrium.
The elegant and splendid lounge reminds you of the Heian period.
The Japanese garden has a forest of Japanese Torreya on the right and bamboo thickets on the left, making you feel like you are deep in the mountains.
There is also a two-leveled waterfall splashing, creating a wonderful contrast between “stillness” and “dynamism.”

 The ethereal main lounge of RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka makes you feel like you are lost in a picture scroll. The water corridor flows through the lounge to the waterfall in the Japanese garden like a babbling brook. The green carpet on the floor is blended with the garden’s greenery, creating a sense of unity.

 Sitting on the floral sofa in the lounge, you can see the chandelier made of approximately 250,000 crystal glass rods made by artist Tada Minami glimmering above your head. Standing proudly next to you are graceful gold Maki-e pillars, and “The Tale of Genji” and other works of art adorn every corner of the lounge.

 Yoshida Isoya, a member of the Japan Art Academy, designed the lounge with the theme of “light, water, and greenery.” Spending time here will surely be a special moment of relaxation surrounded by nature, art, and traditional beauty.

Enjoy the Gorgeous Works of Art

The “Tale of Genji” on the wall was created by a Tosa School painter and depicts 12 of the 54 chapters of the Tale of Genji.
Other works of art, including masterpieces by Okamoto Shinso, Koiso Ryohei, Koide Narashige, and Noguchi Yataro, adorn every corner of the lounge.

Seasonal Colorful Treats Make Your Afternoon Special

The “Strawberry Afternoon Tea” (served from 12:00) is perfect for a relaxing tea time in front of the garden with a waterfall.
The set includes fruit sandwiches, cakes, and other baked sweets with seasonal fruits. ¥3,800
* All Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only.
Enjoy a variety of colorful seasonal desserts.
“Strawberry Parfait Set” (available until 4/30) ¥2,365

RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka Main Lounge (1st Floor)
Phone: +81(0) 6-6441-0956 (direct)
8:00~21:30 (Last Call:21:00)


A hideaway in the heart of the city makes you forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo is located in calm and quiet Waseda, Tokyo. The “Garden Lounge” on the first floor is an artistic space designed by world-renowned designer John Graham. Please enjoy the large windows with a view of the Okuma Garden, chic interior design, Maria Theresa chandelier that sparkles day and night, and the 6.13 m x 4.58 m mural “Harmony.” Relaxing in the warm sunlight, you will forget that you are in the middle of Tokyo.

Beautiful desserts created by chef pâtissier Ishiwa are one of the many charms of the lounge. “Caramelized apples in a meringue bowl” is a limited item available until December 31. Please enjoy it with warm caramel sauce. ¥2,376

RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo Garden Lounge (1st Floor)
Phone: +81(0) 3-5285-1121 (direct)
11:00~19:30 (Last Call:19:00)


Chic and serene Japanese modern lounge.
Enjoy the afternoon tea set in a tiered box.

 The lounge on the first floor of the RIHGA Royal Hotel Kyoto reopened in the fall of 2016. The serene lounge furnished with sofas is next to the “All Day Dining Kaza,” which combines the atmosphere of the ancient capital with modernity. Japanese-style interior with bamboo-inspired lighting offers you a unique Kyoto experience. You can also enjoy an afternoon tea set served in a tiered box made by a bamboo crafts manufacturer, Kohchosai Kosuga, here.

The afternoon tea set in a tiered box includes nine canapés on the first box and nine kinds of sweets using seasonal fruits on the second box.
※The afternoon tea set is served until 17:00. (Last Call: 17:00)
Matcha latte and matcha espresso using Ito En’s matcha green tea are popular among visitors from both Japan and abroad.

RIHGA Royal Hotel Kyoto Lounge (in All Day Dining Kaza 1st Floor)
Phone: +81(0) 75-361-9226 (direct)
10:00~21:00 (Last Call: 20:30)


Have a relaxing tea time in the lounge full of light, with a waterfall behind the glass window.

 RIHGA Royal Hotel Kokura is conveniently located about 3-minute away from the Shinkansen exit of Kokura Station, the gateway to Kyushu. Located on the first floor, “Lounge Tivoli” is an impressive tea lounge with an 8-meter-high atrium and glittering chandeliers. From its large glass windows, you can see some greenery and a waterfall. The menu features a variety of specialties, such as premium coffee that is available only 5 cups per day and a monthly dessert set. Have a relaxing time in the natural light.

French-pressed premium coffee is limited to 5 cups per day and is made from carefully selected beans from around the world. ¥1,188
A new seasonal dessert is offered every month.
(Pictured is a December item) ¥1,782

RIHGA Royal Hotel Kokura Lounge Tivoli (1st Floor)
Phone: +81(0) 93-531-1070 (direct)
11:00~19:00 (Last Call: 18:30)

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This article was originally published in the Winter 2017-2018 issue of The ROYAL.
All products, services, and prices are subject to change.