The Liaison Team, Supporters of the World Leaders


Illustrations by Sensyu Yasuko

 When we, the RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka, are selected to provide lodging for world leaders attending international summits, we undertake extensive preparations. One of the most important tasks on such an occasion is the formation of the liaison team.

 The word liaison means “link” or “bridge” in French, and the liaison team of the RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka ensures the safety of world leaders so that they can carry out their important duties without delay during international summits. The team comprises a variety of people with different roles, from service staff to public relations, and is assembled according to the importance and scale of each conference. For this interview, Haritsuji Masumi, who has been part of the liaison team a total of five times, including the G7 and G20 summits, recounts his experience.  

 “A liaison works closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and police to ensure everything goes smoothly for the delegation they are responsible for. We prepare for and handle any possible trouble. This includes securing safety when guiding the delegation, preparing meals upon request, making wake-up calls, arranging rooms for emergency meetings, and much more.”

 In addition to cultural considerations and proficiency in the languages, what is important for a liaison, above all, is to have good communication skills. The ability to act and make decisions quickly while keeping a smile at any time is also crucial, and the responsibility that comes with it is significant.

 “The sense of achievement I get when I successfully fulfill my role is immeasurable. I always feel motivated for the next opportunity.” 

 Making guests feel safe and comfortable during their stay is what is expected of hoteliers. The people who have been part of the liaison team all agree that what they have learned through their experiences as liaisons is useful in their daily duties.

“The Osaka Royal Hotel was born to satisfy the needs of Osaka’s political and business leaders and has been nurtured by our guests. I believe it is our mission to work hard behind the scenes at major events held in Osaka to serve the community.”

 There have been more and more people who wish to join the liaison team and fulfill their roles as members of the Osaka Royal Hotel. We should be able to witness their hard work during the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.

Text by Kobayashi Akiko