A Myriad of Autumn Leaves Come to Life.

This article was originally published in the Summer 2019 issue of The ROYAL.

Treasures of The ROYAL

The Carpet of “Kinshu”
2019/RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka

 This spectacular pattern of autumn leaves is said to have been inspired by Noh costumes. The pattern was used for the carpet that covered the main lobby of the Osaka Royal Hotel from 1973, when the hotel’s new wing (current Tower Wing) was completed, which was one of the most significant projects in the history of Japanese hotels. The carpet covered the lobby until 2007. 

 As the architect Yoshida Isoya (1894-1974), who designed the hotel and other notable architectures, including The Japan Art Academy and Prince Chichibu residence, called the carpet “Manyo no Nishiki” (brocade of myriad autumn leaves); copious autumn leaves decorate the floor. 

 “Kinshu” means the season when the autumn leaves change colors, and the word is also used as a season’s greeting. The carpet, which embodies the idea of “Kinshu,” is now redesigned and ready to welcome you at the lobby of the RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka. 

 Once you step into the river of autumn leaves, you will be surprised at how soft the carpet is. The thickness and beautiful colors were created by hand stitching, a technique in which dyed threads are stitched all by hand. Ten colors of dyed threads were used, and it took several artisans three months to complete the carpet.

 Yoshida Isoya appreciated “Mingei” (folk art) and traditional Japanese styles, and he often incorporated handicrafts while challenging himself to create international and modern architecture. His progressiveness and taste are evident not only in the gold Maki-e pillars in the lobby but also in this new carpet. 

This article was originally published in the Summer 2019 issue of The ROYAL.